Forever Love

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

For The Rest Of My Life

first movie maker yg my love buat with a lots of love... thx my love.. ayg btul2 hargai..n i'm speechles sbnr nye... u r very unexpected person.. u r totally so romantic person.. ayg bhgia sgt2 memiliki cinta Afzanizam Ramlan.. n u make many girls kt luar jeles ngn ayg.. how u take care all my step, how u tnjuk smua rs cinta u kt i.. all my friend said that i'm very lucky person when u r very love n care about me... n u know what my life, ayg mmg sgt bhgia..tak mampu ayg luah kn ngn kata-kata..x pernah ayg byg kn akn rs d hrgai spti skrg ni... u r my evrything... stiap lngkh ayg,hnya syg d hati ayg.. forever.. ~ I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART~